5 Best Things to Do in Rhodes Town

5 Best Things to Do in Rhodes Town

This vibrant island on Turkey’s shore is popular for having 300 days of beautiful sunshine throughout the year as home to one of the seven Ancient World Wonders, the Colossus of Rhodes.

If you are planning a trip to Greece once in your lifetime, here are the 5 best things you should never miss to do in Rhodes City! If you can’t visit them, Rhodes tours will certainly not be complete.

See the Grand Master’s Palace Sights

The Grand Master’s Palace is, without doubt, a beautiful gem on top of the crown if the crown of Rhodes is the old city.

You can see how life was during these times by walking through this imposing 14th century structure, with its mosaics, sculptures, exquisite marble, architecture and art.

You should visit this attraction if you’re in the Old Town and you’re also amongst the best things to do in Rhodes, if you fan palaces as well.

However, note that on Mondays the palace is often closed to schedule your visit in view of this calendar. If you’re a buff of history, don’t forget to visit the Archeological Museum.

If you’re hungry, see Angela Castle, where you are served true Greek dishes at a small, typical courtyard, after a day of exploring the palace.

Walk the Knights’ Street

For anyone who wants to spend their time wandering around Rhodes Old Town and its cobbled streets, take care to get lost on Knights Street.

Originally a place where knights come together before an attack, walking on the road is one of the most unusual things on the island of Rhodes if you love a bit of history.

During previous days there were seven inns representing seven languages, and the knights were divided according to their birthplace.

Although only four of these hostels remain today, once you step into the street, you will surely feel nostalgia.

If you want something cheerful, go through Ta Kardasia and fill your pigeon with one of the best moussakas on the island.

View from the Clock Tower “Roloi”

Although it is the highest elevation in the old town of Rhodes, “Roloi” Clock Tower at first glance is almost unnoticeable. Turn right at the end of Socrates Street and go to Orfeos Street. Follow this clock tower, which can be traced in 1852, after several meters. What is incredible is that the clock continues to work today.

It was formerly used to show the Greeks Turkish time when the Turks applied strict public rules. They determined who can and when can enter and leave this strategically critical town. Today, to climb this tower you only pay an entrance fee. There is a steep wooden staircase leading you upwards. The stunning view of Rhodes Old Town can be seen from there.

Feel the old Greek mind in the Acropolis

Situated in the site of the ruins of the vestiges, this structure dates back to the 3rd century BC and is an important antiquity along with a network. Antiques such as Diagoras’ restored ancient stadium and Odeon’s, a small marbled theater where musical and theater performances are presented today. Don’t forget to visit the Nymphhaia caves, the High School and the Bookshop.

The ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the Sun god, are dominating on the hilltop. Walk to the hill’s edge to see the panoramic view of Ialisos Bay, the Rhodes City and the Tukish coastline. Plan your visit in the afternoon ideally as it is not too warm and because of the sunset you enjoy the magnificent view of the area.

Go to Rodini Park for a walk

The Rodini park is probably the oldest park in the world. It is just a short distance from the center of Rhodes where you can take a walk. The park is filled with thick vegetation and charming trails leading into an old aqueduct, quiet swimming pools, babbling waterfalls and beverages.

The ground is used as a place for a group of pavilions who are not shy and may even shine their famous plumage if you are lucky. As no time operation or entry fees are payable at the park, you can always go there to soothe the natural surroundings of your mind and body.

You can walk about 3 km to Rodini Park or use the central bus station for a bus service. Rhodes transfers are also available to bring you to the park.